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At the early age of 8 years Corinne discovered the fine arts. She received as present for her birthday a paint box filled with paint and brushes, and from that moment on she decided to create miracles with her equipment, with the dream to devote her life to art, and to build up a personal oeuvre.


For fours years long Corinne focussed on pen-drawings during her Humaniora studies, in which she had developed a flawless technique. She pleasured family and friends with her private collection, which gradually expanded over time, and was created on that healthy base.


Corinne started an education in the Antwerp art academy, at the beginning of the 60’s after finishing her Humaniora studies. She felt most attracted by realistic, and figurative painting (oil on canvas). Her preference went to, quiet and rural scenes, very often processed with animals in it. Her confidence was shaped in a positive way because she was early noticed by her teachers, so she could exhibit with other artist.


A long break was the result of having 4 children during her marriage. The children grew up, and became mature, so Corinne was once again favourable to exercise her artistic talents.


She appropriated her own style along the way during the rural and still life period, where she gathered her creativity, imagination, and personal opinion on ‘one’ canvas: called ‘symbolism’, which developed in various works. In the centre of attention from symbolism is often mankind whose mysterious magical consistency of eroticism and decadence, that as well come back in surrealism.

Corinne also concentrated on painting of children from around the world, alternating with horses set on canvas in all colours and postures.


There are many exhibitions on her list of achievements, domestically and abroad, including a solo varnishing, which was opened by no one less then (former) minister Dirk van Mechelen.


Corinne has received several awards for her work, including two times a gold international medal of the European Academy of Arts (Gembloux). She received ‘three’ times the Audience Award at the group exhibitions at the Ravenhof Stabroek (two times as first, and one time the third prize). On the side she collected different special awards along the digital road.

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